10 Landmark World Fair Buildings to Visit Around the World

Buildings of the World Fairs

Of all the greatest and most outlandish works of architecture built in the last 150-or-so years, one thing that many of them have in common is that they originated as World Fair buildings. This includes some of the most iconic landmarks and tourist attractions around the world, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris built for the Exposition Universelle of 1889, and London's … [Read more...]

A Cool Swim in Lake Pukaki’s Powerade-Blue Glacial Melt Water

Swim in Lake Pukaki

I'm sure if you poured a glass of Lake Pukaki water it would be blue like Powerade, but without the sugar! When we drove along the 47-kilometre length of Lake Pukaki on the scenic road to Mount Cook Village before our trek up to Mueller Hut, the expanse of the lake was clear and flat as a sheet of glass. I know all bodies of water look blue whenever they … [Read more...]

Climbing Mount Ollivier From Mueller Hut – New Zealand

Stunning views across the Mueller Valley from Mount Ollivier

Back in February my friends and I spent three nights at Mueller Hut in New Zealand's Mount Cook National Park, using the hut as a base from which to explore some of the Sealy Range including Mount Ollivier and the Annette Plateau. The following article is both a trip report and photo gallery of the day we climbed Mount Ollivier, and a detailed guide to help anyone else … [Read more...]

Hello world! Welcome to World Trippy With Bonny

Bonny on Franz Josef Glacier | World Trippy

Welcome to World Trippy! I've been wanting to start a world travel blog for such a long time, and here I am finally getting started. Firstly to record my travel tips, experiences and photos and connect with fellow travellers, and eventually in time to build up a helpful resource that will inform and inspire people who are planning their next adventure. How to Follow … [Read more...]